Planning Department

Vision Lynn Happy Streets

The mission of the Planning Department is to realize the community’s vision for Lynn, particularly as it relates to land use, transportation, economic development, the environment, open space, housing, and arts and culture. 
According to Vision Lynn, the community’s vision is:

  1. Lynn will be a city where people feel safe and comfortable to live, work, learn and play.
  2. Lynn will be a city where all community members have the housing, transportation access, social connections, and educational or economic opportunities to live a fulfilling life.
  3. Lynn will be a city to be proud of, with strong, diverse, and connected communities that take care of our shared spaces, natural resources, and each other. 

To be successful, the Planning Department is guided by the following principles:

  • Facilitate sustained community engagement, empowering all stakeholders to influence and participate in decision making and honoring different perspectives;
  • Help provide strategic approaches to challenging issues that incorporate data, research, and a sensitivity to the interrelatedness of topics;
  • Seek opportunities to make information more accessible and actionable;
  • Implement plans and ensure that plans the Department creates are responsive to real-world constraints;
  • Understanding the relationship between the approach to planning and consideration for the city’s arts and culture resources, and how this directly impacts the health and vitality, economic development, and engagement of the community;
  • Incorporate an equity lens in designing processes and assessing outcomes, paying attention to factors like race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexuality, socioeconomic status, immigration status, language spoken, digital access, and physical and mental ability.

To stay in touch with our department and share your input on planning projects, subscribe to our monthly newsletter in English and Spanish or visit, our portal for community engagement on planning initiatives.  

Planning Staff

The Planning Office is in Room 303 of City Hall (3 City Hall Square, Lynn, MA).

Aaron Clausen
Principal Planning Director

(781) 598-4000 ext. 6853
[email protected]

Lauren Drago
Associate Planning Director

(781) 598-4000 ext. 6856
[email protected]

LaCrecia Thomson
Arts + Culture Planner

(781) 598-4000 ext. 6753
[email protected]

Sophia Yero
Housing Program Manager

(781) 598-4000 ext. 6709
[email protected]