FY25 First Quarter Preliminary Tax Bills Due: August 1, 2024

FY25 38D Requests, Income and Expense Forms Due July 1, 2024. 

About the Assessing Department


The Board of Assessors is the local agency responsible for assessing and administering all local taxes provided for by the General Laws of the Commonwealth. The Board of Assessors consists of three members, the Director of Assessing, appointed by the Chief Financial Officer, and two Assessors, appointed by the City Council. Providing support for the Board is a Field Assessor responsible for property inspections and measurements and a Clerical Staff of three responsible for maintaining the Board's informational database on properties and assisting the Board in its administrative duties.

The Department of Revenue's (DOR) Division of Local Services (DLS), provided by Massachusetts General Laws, oversees the Assessing Department's operations. The DOR certifies that property is assessed at its full and fair cash value and reviews revenue and spending projections to ensure compliance with Proposition 2-1/2 before approving a tax rate each year. The Board's assessment procedures are reviewed every five years to meet the minimum standards of assessment performance in establishing full and fair cash valuation through the approval of the Commissioner of Revenue. This process occurred in FY2023, and the department will work diligently to meet the rigorous certification standards, which require many staff hours and uniformity in our day-to-day operations in preparation for the following certification in FY 2028

Mission Statement: "To provide fair and equitable assessments for all property in the City of Lynn. To serve a multicultural community efficiently and professionally while utilizing emerging technologies and procedures. Ensuring our process is administered with integrity, transparency, and consistency."

For general inquiries, please email [email protected] or call (781) 586-6702.