Food Policy Council

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The Lynn Food Policy Council works to ensure that Lynn's residents can eat well without worrying about being able to afford nutritious food for themselves and their families. In Lynn, food is celebrated, affordable, culturally reflective of the city's diversity, nutritious, easily accessible, and supports broader goals of health and economic opportunity.

A strong network of city and community partners strategizes to address the root causes of food insecurity and inequitable food access. They build relationships, advance policies, deliver programs, and leverage resources to cultivate a vibrant, resilient, and just food system.

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Council Members

 Organization  Representative  Email
 Salvation Army  Enmanuel Villegas  [email protected]
 Creative Collective/ Mutual Aid Lynn  Tia Cole  [email protected]
 My Brother's Table  Dianne Kuzia Hills  [email protected]
 New American Center  Natasha Soolkin  [email protected]
 New Lynn Coalition  Tanveer Malik  [email protected]
 Demakes Family YMCA  Rosa Robles  [email protected]
 GLSS/ Phoenix Food Hub  Nick Anander  [email protected]
 Catholic Charities  Christine Keller  [email protected]
 LEO Inc  Andrew Gilroy  [email protected]
 Lynn Community Health Center  Bailey Bollen  [email protected]
 The Food Project/ Lynn Grows  Ludia Modi  [email protected]
 North Shore Medical  CenterMGB Kristina O. McLoughlin *non voting member  [email protected]
 Umass Extension Nutrition Program Jeanne Baranek *non voting member  [email protected]
 City of Lynn Public Health Coordinator Norris Guscott Chair  [email protected]


Meeting Minutes and Agendas

Lynn Food Resource Map - Courtesy of Lynn Grows