Board of Health

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The City of Lynn Board of Health is a three-person volunteer board appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council. We are tasked with the protection of public health by developing, implementing and enforcing health laws.

We are diverse group of Lynn residents with various backgrounds; per state regulations, one of our members is doctor. Our focus is to protect the health of EVERY member of our community. We do this by adopting local health regulations such as the “Environmental Tobacco Smoke” regulation and by enforcing various State Sanitary Codes for housing, food establishments, recreation camps, Body Art Establishments and Practitioners just to name a few.

We meet monthly to discuss local health issues and to provide the community with transparency and consistency in our adoption of regulations and enforcement of codes and regulations. Our meetings are also filmed by Lynn Community Television where they are then broadcast on the local cable access channel. Because we are a volunteer board that meets monthly, the administration of our work occurs through the Public Health Department, overseen by the Public Health Director.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our work, please do not hesitate to contact the Public Health Office at 781-586-6719, email at [email protected], text at 781-718-0684 or via our website at Lynn Public Health Division .



Elaine D'Agostino
Administrative Assistant

[email protected]

Regular Members


Email or Phone

Ronald Dupuis

22 Blanchard Street

[email protected]

Lisa M. Tobin
Public Health Director 


[email protected]

Rocio Mora
Board Member

119 Henry Ave

[email protected]

Dr. Clark Van Den Berghe
Board Member
30 Great Woods Terr. [email protected]

Regulations and Other Documents: