City Council

2024 City Council

Sitting Left to Right: Councilor Natasha S. Megie-Maddrey, Councilor Dianna M. Chakoutis, Mayor Jared C. Nicholson, Council President John M. Councilor Hong L. Net, and Councilor Nicole D. McClain.

Standing Left to Right: Executive Assistant Theresa C. Young, Councilor Constantino Alinsug, Councilor Brian P. LaPierre, Councilor Frederick W. Hogan, Councilor Dr. Peter D. Meaney, Councilor Brian M. Field, Councilor Obed A. Matul, and City Clerk Janet Rowe

About the City Council

The Lynn City Council, the policy setting arm of the city, derives its powers from the City Charter and the Laws and Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Members are elected every two years on the odd-numbered years. Four members serve At-Large, and seven members represent individual Wards.

The City Council is the Legislative Branch of government for the City of Lynn. As such, the City Council has the authority to create and adopt all laws (ordinances) which govern the city.  Under the city’s Charter, the City Council approves the annual budget, appropriates all funds necessary to city operations, and confirms Mayoral Appointments. The City Council enacts amendments to the Zone Ordinance and creates most municipal boards and commissions. The City Council is primarily responsible to the citizens of Lynn and is responsive to the needs of residents, businesses, and other stakeholders within the city. The City Council generally meets the second and fourth Tuesday of the month from
September through June and once per month in July and August.

Meetings are generally scheduled for 5:30 p.m. in the Lynn City Council Chambers, 4th Floor at City Hall. Committees of the Lynn City Council will normally meet prior to the full City Council meeting. Meetings are televised live on Local Access Cable and rebroadcast Throughout the week. Please check LCTV’s Website for a scheduled broadcast.

The City Council's regular business meetings are conducted in accordance with the City Council Rules. A copy of the meeting agenda is available online on the City Council webpage, the City of Lynn website, and the electronic board located at the Johnson Street side entrance of the building.

The Lynn City Council and their Staff are dedicated to helping the citizens of Lynn in every way possible. Please feel free to contact us with your questions, comments or concerns.