Historical Commission

The LYNN HISTORICAL COMMISSION fosters and promotes the identification and preservation of Lynn's significant structures, landmarks, and sites. It is the local commission's mandate to be the local municipal watchdog for the state and federal preservation agencies alerting them to local preservation issues.

The LYNN HISTORICAL COMMISSION invites all interested citizens to suggest sites in the city which may be significant for cataloguing and maintaining.

Some of the COMMISSION's recent responsibilities include:

-Worked with the Massachusetts Historical Commission on oversight of the Walnut Street Pumping Station "Waterworks" project to assure photographic documentation of the building and preservation of structural elements upon demolition of the unsound building

-Partnered with Massachusetts Historical Commission to define the boundaries of Lynn's Diamond District

-Working to place Lynn's cemeteries on the National Register of Historical Places

For information and resources, please select an item from the left hand menu to view information and download links to available files and forms.

Meetings are scheduled for the first Tuesday of each month at 7 PM in Room 402. The meeting schedule and agenda, when available, is displayed in the City Clerk office and webpage as well as our Online Calendar.


Members Address


Patricia Lee

205 Edgemere Road

[email protected]

Christine Greeley, Secretary

16 River Street

[email protected] 

Calvin Anderson

12 Concord Street

[email protected]

Adam Donachie

7 Isabella Street

[email protected]

Carl Greenler - Chairman

198 Locust Street

[email protected]

Wendy Joseph

36 Rockaway Street

[email protected]

Paul O'Leary  20 Roanoke Street  [email protected]